Reta makes her Mark again

Monday 23rd May saw W. Bro. Reta Saxton-Howes  commence a 2nd term of office as WM of Mystic Stone Mark Lodge No. 2. She was beautifully installed by W. Bro. Angela Kaye. Reta then proceeded to invest her Officers with her customary zeal and assiduity. The four Charges, customarily delivered at Mark Installations were received by the Brethren with due appreciation. The meeting was followed by an excellent Festive Board.



Ambassadors Lodge visits Coventry

On Sunday 15th May, the HFAF Ambassadors Lodge travelled to Coventry to admit two former members of Centrum Lodge 46. This being the first step in the process of re-opening Centrum Lodge 46 as a Universities lodge. Two candidates were successfully interviewed and will be admitted at the next two meetings of Ambassadors Lodge. W.Bro. Leonie Newell was appointed as WM of Ambasadors Lodge for this project by the Grand Master.

Red Rose of Lancaster Lodge No. 19 closes

On Wednesday 11th May 2016, the Red Rose of Lancaster Lodge no. 19 held its last meeting. The lodge which was consecrated in 1944 has had a long and honourable history but sadly membership levels had dropped to such an extent that despite a concerted effort from members of other Lodges, the decision was taken to hand in its Warrant.

Rising Star Installation

Rising Star Lodge No. 38 held its annual Installation meeting on Monday 9th May 2016 at the Shirley Woolmer Temple in the Sidcup Masonic Centre. W. Bro. Tracey Worth was re-installed for a second term of office. The Lodge was pleased to show the Grand Master the Lodge Honours Board which had been kindly installed by the management. The HFAF banner was also given a permanent home at the Centre.

Isle of Man Spring Festival

In April the Grand Master Christine Chapman and Deputy Grand Master Irene Stewart visited the Isle of Man brethren for their Spring Festival. On Tuesday 12th April they attended a meeting of Grace Banks Martin/Mabel Garrett combined lodges 14/20 when two former members of the Manx lodges were welcomed back into the Fraternity.

The following day the Manx brethren organised a special buffet supper to welcome their distinguished guests. The Grand Master was delighted to present a 50 year certificate and Jewel to long standing member Joan Atkinson.

Kathy overcomes health problems to become WM

On Monday 4th April, Stability Lodge No. 1 celebrated a very joyous occasion when Senior Warden, Bro Kathy McLean was Installed as Worshipful Master of the lodge. It was so moving to see Kathy attain this goal as she has endured many health problems in the past few years. For Wor. Bro. Cynthia Rothman, the Installing Master,  it was particularly gratifying as she had occupied the Chair for two years, keeping it warm for Kathy! Stability Lodge as the number suggests is a very old lodge and was the first lodge of our Fraternity when it was founded in 1913.

It's a family affair at Sesame 26

Monday 21st March saw the Initiation of yet another member of the Pearce family into Sesame Lodge 26. Bro. Zeqeisha became the fourth member of her family to join the lodge.

Zeqeisha with proud WM and grandmother, mother and sister.

Zeqeisha with proud WM and grandmother, mother and sister.

Her sister was Junior Deacon, her mum was Senior Deacon and her gran was a Steward. Worshipful Master Hazel can justifiably be proud of her Officers!

First Romanian WM for UK Lodge

Tuesday 22nd February saw the Installation meeting of Gothic Lodge No. 27, which meets at our London HQ at 402 Finchley Road, NW2 when W. Bro. Penny Di Cara installed Bro Cristina Poppa as her successor as WM. She gave her a ceremony to remember which was only to be expected from a Brother who is also a Past Master of Sussex Lodge No. 17. The new WM invested her Officers beautifully and is to be congratulated when one realises that English is not her mother tongue. At this meeting the lodge said goodbye to their Preceptor  of many years the incredible Vy Wor Bro Sue Bentley who has proved herself to be a Preceptor par excellence and welcomed their new Preceptor W Bro Lesley Adams. Although we have a lodge in Romania, Alpha No. 54, W. Bro. Cristina is resident in the UK and so can lay claim to the title of the first Romanian WM for a UK Lodge.

Women Freemasons

The WM and members of Gothic 27

Holy Sepulchre celebrates another successful year.

On Wednesday 17th February , the Chapter of the Holy Sepulchre No. 6 held its Installation meeting at Rochford in Essex.  3rd Principal Ex.Companion Chrissy West-Webbe installed her successor Companion Christine Chesterman into the Chair of J and was then herself installed into the Chair of H by Ex. Companion Jane Walbancke the outgoing 2nd Principal. The outgoing 1st Principal Ex. Companion Carol Cole then installed her successor, Ex. Companion Jane Walbancke into the Chair of Z. This, the youngest Royal Arch Chapter in our Fraternity is now 7 years old and it was very encouraging to witness such high standards of ritual from all three installing Principals.The Royal Arch Degree is a very colourful ceremony based around the rebuilding of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.


Royal Arch Women Freemasons

The 3 newly installed Principals





Gemma continues the family tradition

On Wednesday 10th February W Bro Gemma again assumed the mantle of leadership of Grace Bilantz Lodge No. 34,when she was beautifully Installed  into the Chair of King Solomon by IPM W Bro Marcia who despite a long period of illness this past year exceeded all expectations. W Bro Gemma continues the family tradition in this lodge, being the 3rd generation of Women Freemasons in her family to take the Chair of Grace Bilantz Lodge 34. This lodge meets at our London HQ at 402 Finchley Road, NW2.

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