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   The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient  Freemasons 

A Women's Masonic Fraternity

Founded  27th November 1913


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HFAF Photo Album

see also our Scrapbook which will feature our trips around the UK and those further afield


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CAXTON_HALL.jpg (73362 bytes)

Our first proper home at Caxton Hall, Westminster from 1913 to 1933


CAXTON~1.JPG (444238 bytes)

The Silver Jubilee celebrations at Caxton Hall in 1937, Interestingly this also shows a portrait of Elizabeth Boswell-Reid, one of the founders of HFAF and the first Grand Master.

DORCHE~1.JPG (335287 bytes)

The Enthronement banquet in 1938 at the Dorchester Hotel, when Seton Challen, daughter of Elizabeth Boswell-Reid was Enthroned for life. Today's Festive Boards are far less formal and of course regalia is not worn when dining.

St Ermins Hotel frontage.jpg (68311 bytes)

The imposing frontage of St. Ermins Hotel - our home from 1933 to 1947

Clive Court  13.JPG (60942 bytes)

Clive Court in Kensington - our home from 1947 to 1954

68cumb.gif (14434 bytes)

68 Great Cumberland Place - our former HQ in Marble Arch, West London.


Finally our present HQ in Finchley Road


402 Exterior.jpg (28892 bytes)

- the exterior

Temple at 402 - East 1.jpg (37734 bytes)

- the view looking towards the East

           Temple at 402 - NE.jpg (34264 bytes)

  - looking at the entrance to the temple, from the  inside  





Portrait Gallery

ELIZABETHBOSWELL-REID.jpg (220450 bytes)

Elizabeth Boswell-Reid

The first Grand Master 1913 - 1933


GRANDM~1.JPG (191623 bytes)

Seton Challen

Daughter of Elizabeth Boswell-Reid and our second Grand Master 1934 - 1969


ISABELPIERS-DYER.jpg (267278 bytes)           JENNYLEWIS.jpg (269200 bytes)                   FLORENCEHICKS.jpg (225013 bytes)

 Isabel Piers - Dyer                  Jenny Lewis                    Florence Hicks

Pro Grand Master                 Past Pro Grand Master      Deputy Grand Master


grace.jpg (28151 bytes)

Grace Bilantz

Grand Master from 1969 - 1986

evelyne.jpg (40749 bytes)

Evelyne Barclay

Grand Master from 1986 - 1994

EileenGray.jpg (18384 bytes)

Eileen Gray, CBE

Grand Master 1994 - 2002

CNV00031_3.jpg (58884 bytes)

Suzanne Berman

Grand Master 2002 -2006

GMSHEILANORDEN.jpg (839381 bytes)

Sheila Norden

Grand Master 2006 - 2010


Copy of IMG_0019.jpg (78910 bytes)

Bernice Abram

Grand Master 2010 - 2014


20143.jpg (20228 bytes)

Christine Chapman

Grand Master 2014 - 






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