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Founded  27th November 1913


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Centenary Celebrations


This is the centenary year of The Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons as we were founded on 27th November 1913

On Saturday 29th June 2013 the celebrations began with a Gala Dinner for members of HFAF, their families and friends. This was held at the Connaught Rooms adjacent to GQS. On behalf of the HFAF, Lesley Adams, Grand Standard Bearer and organiser of this special dinner welcomed everyone. The Grand Master, Bernice Abram took wine with members of the HFAF and then with all members of UGLE. A special toast was made to the Grand Master by Brenda Cook, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. We were delighted to see so many of our overseas brethren and their families come to join our celebrations.

On Sunday 30th June 2013, after many rehearsals and countless planning meetings, the great event finally took place, in the Grand Temple at Great Queen Street, the London HQ of UGLE.  The Grand Lodge Officers entered the Temple in their various processions culminating in the procession of the Most Worshipful Grand Master. 

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 29&30-06-13 40.5 484 (2).jpg (873173 bytes)A procession of Banners and a Roll-call of Lodges then followed. Those Banners not in the parade were displayed around the sides of the Temple from the balconies.


As the main emphasis of the Celebration was to be on Banners, it was fitting that two very special ceremonies then took place. The dedication of a new Grand Master's Banner and the re-dedication of the Grand Lodge Banner. 

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These were followed by an Oration on the meaning of Banners given by the Assistant Grand Master, Christine Chapman.

The brethren were then treated to a visual display of their one hundred year history.

The Grand Master, on behalf of the Fraternity, was delighted to present cheques to the principal charities supported by the Fraternity during her term of office; namely Teenage Cancer Trust, Help for Heroes, North London Hospice and Essex Air Ambulance. The Provincial Grand Master, Patricia Rothwell, was equally delighted to present a cheque to Alder Hey Children's Hospital on behalf of the Provincial Lodges.

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The Grand Master then gave her concluding address in which she exhorted the brethren to make sure that the Fraternity would grow and flourish for another hundred years. The Grand Master then left the Grand Temple in procession. 

Everyone then gathered in the vestibule for some well-earned refreshments.

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