Why a woman should become a Freemason

Why should you become a Freemason? There are many different and indeed altrusitic reasons why anyone should become a Freemason, but there are three very special reasons why a woman would benefit. They are Friendship, Inspiration and Empowerment.
Friendship is important in today’s world, where so many people feel isolated due to breakdowns in relationships or having to relocate for work reasons. A lodge is like an emotional support network.
Freemasonry provides inspiration not only in its working but also through the many inspirational women amongst its members. We all need role models in our lives and Freemasonry provides opportunities to not only be inspired but also to become one of those who inspire others.
Empowerment is a word which encapsulates everything which Freemasonry can offer women. It is surprising in today’s world how many women lack self esteem and do not value themselves highly enough. Freemasonry helps to build confidence and self belief.

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